Cosmetic Dentistry

Even the most health-conscious people fail to pay enough attention to their oral health. Failing on oral health can lead to problems with the teeth and gums. Cavity, bad breath, bleeding gums, and jaw pain are some of the consequences that arise due to poor oral health. Apart from the functional aspect, poor oral health can also affect your good looks. Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dental science that deals in correcting and improving the aesthetics aspect of the teeth. You can Check how the cosmetic dentistry helps people in gaining back their beautiful smile. For more info about maintaining oral health, you can refer to various articles on the Internet.

Cosmetic dentistry has become very popular in recent years as most people are increasingly becoming style conscious. Whitening, teeth replacement, shaping, and closing spaces are some of the popular procedures under the cosmetic dentistry. The cosmetic dentists use a variety of sophisticated tools to perform these procedures. Before you opt for a cosmetic dental procedure, it is important to know its advantages and risks. This will help you decide whether cosmetic dental treatment can be really beneficial to you.

Teeth Whitening
Teeth can get stained due to various reasons such as smoking, chewing tobacco, medication or consuming beverages such as coffee and tea. A cosmetic dentist can whiten your teeth in two ways – in-office procedure and a system that can be used in the home.

The in-office procedure can get you the results in an hour or two but could be expensive. For whitening at home, the dentist will measure your teeth size to create a custom mouth tray that precisely fit on your teeth. The right amount of whitening solution is added into the tray so that it whitens your teeth gradually as you spend your time at home. This method can be more convenient for some people.

However, you should keep in mind that whitening does not offer a permanent or lifelong solution. The stained teeth might get stained if they are exposed again to the same stain-causing substances.

In this procedure, the excess space in between the teeth is diminished. Dentist achieves this effect by filling the areas using the bonding materials that look similar to the color of the real teeth. The dentist can complete this procedure in his office in a day. Bonding can last for many years if they are taken care of well.

Veneers are custom made shell that wraps the front part of the teeth. Veneers can help to correct the shape of crooked teeth.

Also called as caps, the crowns are used to wrap the teeth completely to correct the abnormal appearance or shape.

This is used by people of different ages to correct the abnormally arranged teeth, which affects both the aesthetics and the biting capability. Additionally, the braces can also help to correct the jaw position. Depending on the severity, one might have to wear the braces for more than a year.

Apart from the above discussed cosmetic dental procedures, there are many other procedures. You may visit your nearest cosmetic dentist to know your options.