There are plenty of hair removal options available for modern women. Epilator and shavers are some of the devices, which are preferred by most women. If you are struggling to find the right hair removal product, then you can read the best epilator reviews here. Women and girls should be more careful when shaving. You can click here to read some of the shaving tips for teen girls. Now let us give you some tips on how to get a closer shave.

Dry shaving should be avoided at any cost. Dry shaving is more dangerous to women than the men. Dry shaving increases the risks of skin irritation and cuts. This is because dry skin can prevent or minimize the exfoliation, which is very important for achieving a close shaving result. By wetting your surface with water, you will get more exfoliation. This is the reason why experts recommend shaving while at bath or shower.

It is perfect to exfoliate your skin before shaving. You may use a scrub or other exfoliation products. Exfoliation helps the dead cells from the skin to be removed effectively. These dead cells can accumulate and prevent the razor from doing a close shave.

If you are bathing in hot water, then you should use cold water for shaving. This is because too much of exposure to hot water can make the skin soft and henceforth increases the risk of cutting.

Most men and women think that both shaving cream and soap are equally for shaving. This is wrong. But the fact is that soap does not offer enough lubrication to the razor blade like shaving cream. So, always use shaving cream for fantastic shaving results.

Women should never use men’s razor for shaving. Men’s razors are designed to efficiently deal with the rough skin and tough hair of men. On the other hand, women’s razor is made gentle keeping in mind women’s delicate skin and hair. Men’s razor can easily cause skin injuries.

It is necessary to check the pattern and direction of the hair growth before beginning to shave. To achieve excellent results, you have to shave against the direction of the growth. For example, if the hair is growing downwards, then you need to shave in the upward direction.

Skin contains tiny pores through which the sweat comes out. The dirt and dead skin cells too can get accumulated in these pores. While shaving, these pores should be closed and not open. These pores can open after having a bath in hot water. Trying to shave when the pores are open can increase the chance of injuries. To close the pores, you should rinse the skin with the cold water.

There is a myth going around for years that shaving can stimulate thicker hair growth. This is not true, and hence women don’t need to worry about shaving.

Women should protect their skin from sunlight. Women should use sunscreen lotion when they want to spend time outdoors. Shaving can cause the skin to become more sensitive, which increases the risk of sun damage.